How to Choose a Clever Marketing Strategy to Grab Your Customer’s Attention

In business, you may input a huge amount of money in capital but if you have poor marketing strategy, your business just might fail – and you might not even understand why your business failed despite it being supposedly “fail proof”.

So, what should you really do? Well, the first thing after you’ve made your plans for your business is to choose the strategy that you should use to promote your business and ensure that you get lots of clients to buy your products or avail of your services.

The key, really, is to grab their attention! If you are able to do that, then you are already halfway there. After all, especially for a new business, customers might be a little skeptic about trying your products because they already have a favorite shop or store to go to, offering the things you might be selling at your shop!

If you can just make them try your products, then you can get them to compare these with the things they often get from your competition and, hopefully, they will now choose your shop instead of their “suki” shop.

So, how do you attract their attention? Well, there really are many ways to do that.

Photo credit: Hoton Elicano / Positively Filipino
Photo credit: Hoton Elicano / Positively Filipino

Choosing a clever name for your shop could make a big difference. Check out this “Lord of the Rinse” shop. Not only will it attract customers’ attention and make them laugh, perhaps, it will also make them remember your store/shop easily.

Another excellent marketing strategy is to use photos – after all, it is said that “a picture paints a thousand words”. In doing this, you don’t always have to explain what you are selling/offering to your prospective customers.

Of course, there’s always that old school marketing strategy of surprising and amazing your customers with your products! Take for example this man selling “Pinoy Pandikit” (Super Glue) wherein he shows people exactly how the product works – by cutting the straps of a slipper and putting it back on! Check it out in this video:

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