GCASH Offers GGives for Shopping Installments: Shop Now, Pay in Installments Later

The GCASH company is now worth more than Php1 billion – and it offers a wide variety of services, from digital banking and money remittance to GCredit (shopping credit), GLoans (for loans) and GInvest (for investments). Recently, GCASH offers GGives for shopping installments so you can “shop now and pay later in installments.”

Shop Now, Pay Later: GCASH Offers GGives

Low on budget but need a new gadget for your online job or something unexpected came up? Finding money for emergency purposes can be difficult, with banks becoming stricter with their loan approvals.

But GCASH is changing the financial landscape in the Philippines, with services like GCredit, GLoans, and GGives.

While GCredit lets your borrow money for a month, GGives offer more flexible payment terms of up to 12 months.

How To Apply for GGives

Like other extra services from GCASH, GGives is only available to select users who pass their criteria. You should also maintain a good credit score (GScore).

If you’re eligible, here are the steps to follow to apply for GGives:

Step 1. Find the GGives icon under Financial Services (beside GInvest and GLoan).

Click “View All GCASh Services” if it’s not in your dashboard.

Step 2. Update your account information. Even if you’re already a verified user, try to submit your ID details again.

Step 3. Once your account is updated, you can begin applying for GGives. Update all the information needed in the forms. Check the appropriate boxes under “Fuse Lending Policies.” Make sure to read the information on the links provided.

Step 4. Wait for your application to be approved. It may take a few days, but this writer’s application was approved in just a few seconds.

Step 5. You’re now ready to use your GGives account. Start browsing through the online stores or use it when you buy something from physical stores.

How to Use GGives

You can only use GGives at GGives partner merchants. They’ll usually have that information at the cashier or you can find them through the list of GGives – Partner Merchants.

Note that the minimum purchase is Php5,000 and the maximum is Php30,000.

Step 1. Once you’re ready to purchase from the partner merchant, open your GCASH app.

Step 2. Click on the QR icon from your dashboard.

Step 3. Scan the merchant’s QR code and enter the amount you need to pay.

Step 4. Select “GGives” as your payment option.

Step 5. Review your transaction details, including the required downpayment (25%), interest, total loan, and monthly dues.

Photo credit: GCASH

Step 6. If you agree with these terms, click the box beside the Disclosure Statement and click “Next.”

Step 7. You’ll need to pay for the downpayment, if needed. But you might also be eligible for the Zero Downpayment promo. This will reflect on the app.

Step 8. Enjoy your purchase. But don’t forget to pay your monthly dues on time to maintain your GScore and still be eligible to GGives.

Joy Adalia
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