Home-Based Food Business Idea: Recipe for Mouth-Watering Halo-Halo

Considered as one of the best refreshing desserts in the country, halo-halo is a combination of various ingredients like boiled sweet beans, makapuno, sago, tubers, fruits as well as shaved ice and evaporated milk.

Many Filipinos commonly sell halo-halo during summer season for extra income. But since the well-loved Pinoy dessert is craved all year round, many businessmen have found fortune in such kind of business.

By bingbing from Quezon City, Philippines (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Dubbed as the “Halo-Halo ng Pilipinas:, Razon’s halo-halo is probably the most popular in the country. Interestingly, the trademark halo-halo of Razon’s restaurant only consists of three ingredients namely saging na saba, macapuno and leche flan. Still, customers go crazy for it because of its softness and creaminess. From a small eatery inside a subdivision in Guagua, Pampanga, Razon’s has grown into a chain of restaurants in a number of shopping malls in Metro Manila and some parts of Luzon.

If you wish to launch a home-based halo-halo business, make sure that your price is affordable for the masses and that you use your own unique recipe to stand out from others. If you think your home-based business is doing well, you may opt to position your business in high density areas in the future.


  • Red mung, white beans
  • Macapuno strips
  • Sugar palm seeds or kaong
  • Pinipig
  • Fresh or canned fruits like jackfruit, saba banana
  • Cooked sago
  • Sweetened kamote
  • Sweetened garbanzos
  • Ice cream
  • Leche flan
  • Ube halaya
  • Shaved or crushed ice


  1. In a tall glass, put your choice of sweets until it is half-filled.
  2. Fill with shaved or crushed ice.
  3. Put ice cream, ube halaya or leche flan on top.
  4. Add milk and sugar until desired taste is achieved.

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