How A Single Mom’s Strength & Love Helped Tapawarma’s CEO To Succeed

As they say, behind every successful man is a woman. For Tapawarma CEO and Founder John Oliva, he has two women behind his success. His wife, Ladyh, who stands by him, and his mother, Daisy Calvo, who raised him.

Image by Ladyh Oliva

What does it take to raise a CEO? There’s probably no secret recipe for raising a successful child. If Tapawarma was built on faith, Sir John was raised by his mother’s kind heart and the strength to overcome any obstacle. In the words of Sir John’s wife, their Mommy Daisy, was the most soft-hearted person she knew. But amid her soft heart, Mommy Daisy is also a strong single mother who raised 3 children. Sir John grew up with grit and determination, but also with a soft heart to help and care for others, thanks to Mommy Daisy’s strong principles, good character, and love.

Ma’am Ladyh said, “She raised him well, with respect, responsible, yung tipong di umaasa sa ibang tao, lalaking may prinsipyo, yung may buto tumayo mag-isa and kaya ako as his wife and our family itayo mag-isa ng walang reklamo. Alam niya God is with him. He raised my husband to be this man I admire and love today.”

Image by Ladyh Oliva

Mommy Daisy was a strong, independent single mother who knew how to manage her money and wasn’t afraid to take on odd jobs to make ends meet. She’s also a cheerful giver who shares not only her money but also her time and effort to make everyone around her feel loved. It also doesn’t take much to make Mommy Daisy happy because she knows how to appreciate even the smallest things.

Ma’am Ladyh described her mother-in-law, as follows: “Kaya hindi siya mahirap pasayahin, even on small things, super thankful siya, coz she knows how it feels not to be appreciated, not seen by her efforts. Kasi sa karamihan, it’s always money ang nakikita as binibigay. To her, it’s time and effort.”

All these wonderful traits were embodied by Sir John and became a huge part of their success in Tapawarma. From a young dreamer in Koronadal to a janitor in Manila, to a successful businessman with hundreds of branches nationwide, Sir John proves anything is possible!

The success of Tapawarma is far from over, thanks to the help of their famous endorser, Andrea Brillantes and Team Katagumpay, who also share Sir John’s passion for helping Filipinos. Since opening its first location in 2019, Tapawarma has come a long way. At this point, the company plans to expand and have 300 locations nationwide.

Image by Ladyh Oliva

Sir John and Ma’am Ladyh attended the Franchise Asia Expo 2022, led by the Philippine Franchise Association, last October 14–16, 2022. In just 2 hours, Tapawarma was already crowded with clients interested in franchising their own branch. It was a good sign toward their business goal of expansion. As their goals got bigger, the company also moved into a bigger and better space. This time, to accommodate business needs and for the comfort of their staff, they have larger pantries, play areas, workspaces, and meeting spaces.

Image by Ladyh Oliva

Truly, many things are still in store for Tapawarma in the future. And, as they look forward to more opportunities, Sir John and his family will always be thankful to their Mommy Daisy. As Ma’am Ladyh said, “Success is not about money; it’s how we build relationships; it’s how we raise our family.”

Sally Mae
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