LOOK: 10 Daily Habits of Productive Entrepreneurs

Do you ever wonder how entrepreneurs manage to be productive despite being swamped with tons of daily tasks?

Successful entrepreneurs do certain day-to-day habits that sets them apart from ordinary businessmen. These daily routines and activities highly influence the way they run their business and are factors for their success.


1. They focus on high priority items and minimize distractions.

Even if the world is full of distractions, productive entrepreneurs take proactive steps to get rid of these distractions and focus on what really matters. Keep in mind that focus is essential to your success as an entrepreneur.

2. They don’t check the email first thing in the morning.

While it’s really tempting to check your email after getting out of bed, this habit actually makes you unproductive as you let other people control your schedule.

3. They deal with the toughest projects in the morning.

Most of us tend to save the best for the last. Apparently, this doesn’t work for productive entrepreneurs when it comes to tackling the most important projects. According to author Laura Vanderkam, successful people allot significant portions of their time in the morning to deal with the toughest and most vital projects. To be able to do this, you need to get sufficient sleep, exercise, practice a morning ritual, eat healthy breakfast and avoid morning meetings.

4. They take time to reflect.

Enjoying a quiet moment of reflection boosts one’s productivity and spawns great ideas. Take time to meditate or take a short walk to reflect on your day.

5. They spend time on revenue-generating activities.

Entrepreneurs, particularly those starting up a business, should focus on revenue-generating activities. For instance, take advantage of social media by sharing interesting contents to market your business.

6. They use information wisely.

With tons of information available these days, it’s hard to tell which ones will help you and which ones won’t. Remember that too much information is only a distraction. Determine which information should be consumed and which ones should be left out to boost your productivity.

7. They ask their employees to provide solutions, not problems.

Make your team proactive problem solvers by asking them to come up with three solutions to a problem they encounter. Let them address problems they can handle to minimize stress.

8. They communicate with customers.

Listening and communicating with your customers not only shows that you care, it also allows you to equip your employees to find solutions to problems.

9. They track their progress.

Do you know how much time your spending on each task? Successful entrepreneurs do with the help of some online apps that track time and goals.

10. They make time for what’s important.

Does baking take away your stress? If so, then take time to bake a few goodies before that weekly meeting. Do what you are passionate about, spend time with your family and go out with your friends. If you are unable to do these things, then you should consider delegating tasks and letting go of unimportant and trivial things.

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