How Social Media Presence Helps You Promote Your Business

Social media has completely revolutionized the way people live. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat Pinterest as well as Google Plus have become an integral part of our daily lives that we can’t seem to last a day without browsing them.

Indeed, many business owners aspire to gain social media recognition to build their brand. But how exactly does social media help business owners promote their brand?


We run down some of the advantages of having social media presence.

1. It connects you with current customers.

Having a social media account for your business is a great way for you to connect, interact and gives update to your current customers. Nowadays, many brands include their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages on business cards, tags, shopping bags as well as other promotional materials so their customers can easily search them. Your current customers can also “check in” at your business when they visit your store, allowing their network to know more about you.

2. It helps you find new customers.

Your social media interaction with your current customers will be visible to their network, giving you an opportunity to reach out to new clients. You can encourage these potential customers to become your social media page’s followers by running a promo or giving a discount on your product or services if they follow or like your business.

3. It allows open communication.

Social media accounts also help business owners resolve an issue with their product or client easily. For instance, a customer with a defective product can easily report the problem by tweeting your business page. In turn, you can respond with a short message explaining how you plan to resolve the problem. Aside from the fact that you were able to address the issue, other people will be able to see how you tackle problems.

4. It’s a lot cheaper compared to other forms of advertisement.

Business pages on social networks are free of charge. However, some social networks like Facebook ask for a certain fee in order for your post to reach a specific type of audience. These fees are relatively cheaper compared to other forms of advertisement.

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