Starting Your Own Burger Business

Filipinos definitely love burgers. The evidence? Well, aside from the huge fast food joints, burger stands are literally everywhere in the country. Just take a good look around your area and you will notice several food carts and kiosks selling those buy 1, take 1 burgers. Pinoys love the concept because they get to snack on something so cheap and satisfying at the same time.

If you’ve ever pondered about the possibility of exploring the business but don’t have enough money for acquiring a franchise, you’d better off establishing your own brand.

burger business

Here’s what you need to get started:

First, pick a location

As with all types of businesses, picking the right location is absolutely crucial. You can either rent a space or, if you can’t afford it, just sell in front of your home. In any case, what’s important here is that it is a high-traffic area. Also, be sures that you have a signage so people can remember your business much easier.

Next, buy the equipment

Once you already have a location for your burger business, then the next step is to purchase the needed equipment. This would include a burger griller and an LPG gas for starters.

Third, purchase raw materials

After that, you will be ready to purchase your raw materials so you can start grilling and selling. Go scour the market (or find the best suppliers) for bread, burger, patties, ham, eggs, catsup, mayonnaise, and oil. If you’re also selling hotdogs, then look for hotdogs and foot long, along with corresponding buns.

Finally, hire people

This, of course, is only necessary if you will not be doing all the work yourself. If you’re just starting out and you’re selling burgers in front of the house, then you might want to skip this part. Otherwise, if you’re renting space and you’re too busy with other things, then hiring employees would be sensible – especially if you’re operating a 24/7 burger stand.

With these simple tips, you’d be able to get started making money as a burger entrepreneur. Good luck to your business!

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