Top 10 Free TESDA Online Courses You Can Use to Start a Business

Are you planning on starting a new business but do not know where to start or have no skills you can use for one? Do not worry because TESDA actually offers a lot of online courses you can enroll in so you can learn new skills you can use to start a business.

We’ve picked ten free TESDA online courses you can learn in the comforts of your own home, during your free time. We hope these can guide you in fulfilling your dreams.

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10. Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition

With so many families opting to install air conditioning units to combat the sweltering heat in our country, you will find a solid costumer base of people needing to have their units serviced. A/C units need to be serviced every 3 months or so, for optimal performance; thus, a business offering air condition servicing is a good option for you to try.

9. Computer Systems Servicing

Almost all households have computers these days but only a few people have the right knowledge and skills to service these gadgets. After undergoing courses under TESDA, you can start your own business and get to earn money by servicing computers.

8. Microsoft Online Courses

Thanks to free Microsoft online courses via TESDA, you can learn new skills that you can use to start your own online business or offer your services for others on the web. The course even has options for game development – something that can offer big money if you happen to create the next big viral game, like the Angry Birds or Candy Crush!

7. Housekeeping

After you learn about housekeeping and related courses, you can start a hostel business of your own. This might require a bigger capital than the others on this list yet there are options that allow you to turn your own home into a hostel for tourists, such as sites like Airbnb, so you won’t have to put up a huge capital to start earning.

6. Food Beverage Servicing

While you’re at it, why not study food beverage servicing, too? This often goes hand in hand with the hotel/hostel business. It would be a good idea to start a bed and breakfast or even a boarding house that also offers a canteen.

5. Massage Therapy

Spas offering massage therapy are a hit because a lot of people want to find better ways to relax and de-stress after a busy week. After learning massage therapy through TESDA, you will be able to use your new skills to relieve people’s stress and earn money from it. You don’t even have to put up a huge capital to start this business.

4. Beauty Care

A lot of people love getting their nails done beautifully – I say “people” because there are men (yes, including straight men!) who also go to the salon for beauty care. This is why this online course can be quite useful – whether you live in a posh neighborhood or a regular one.

3. Automotive

It seems that buying a car is among the goals of a lot of people – and many of them get to fulfill that dream at some point in their lives. But cars do not go forever without some form of servicing and maintenance. This is where you come in. You can learn new skills to help you start a business for automotive servicing.

2. Cookery

Cookery can also help in your hostel business but could also help you build a standalone business like a carenderia or restaurant.

1. Cellphone Servicing

We’re not so sure about the exact figures but it seems that 80% of Filipinos have cellphones, with many even owning 2 or more! With cellphones being less sturdy than they were before, lots of people need to get their units serviced within months after acquisition. This is why we picked cellphone servicing as the top free online course you can learn from TESDA to help you start a business.

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