Vlogger Shares Insights on How Much You Can Earn from 1 Million (or More) Facebook Views

A vlogger shares insights on how much you can earn from 1 million or more views on Facebook – and he earned praise from netizens for his honesty. After all, so many vloggers are earning a lot of money out there but aren’t exactly willing to share how much they’re actually getting from the sites.

Vlogger Shares Insights on Facebook Earnings

Vlogging is a prolific modern industry, with so many vloggers earning thousands, even millions, of dollars on their channels. This got us curious – how much do vloggers really earn with their views on Facebook?

The social media giant has joined YouTube in paying content creators who make videos for their viewers.

vlogger shares insights
Photo credit: JM Nga VLOGS

On his Facebook channel, JM Nga VLOGS, a vlogger shares screenshots of some popular videos he created and posted on Facebook to reply to followers who were curious about FB video earnings.

For starters, he shared how much people can earn with just a few views. After all, that’s where most people start out.

According to the vlogger, a video with 14.3k views earned him $2.66 or Php133.

vlogger shares insights
Photo credit: JM Nga VLOGS

As expected, the higher the views he got on the videos he created, the more he earned. For example, a video that got over 500k views earned $194.05 or around Php9,702.5, which is not bad, right?

However, it wasn’t directly proportional because he has a video with 4.7 million views that earned much more than another video that got 5 million views!

vlogger shares insights
Photo credit: JM Nga VLOGS

Facebook doesn’t clearly indicate exactly why things like that happen, but he believes that it might be because the 4.7-million-view video got longer views (the average time people spent on the video is 56 seconds) while the one that had more views had an average of 34 seconds.

Watch his explanations and the amounts he earned for his content here:

Factors That Affect Your Facebook Earnings

Just like the explanation posted on JM Nga VLOGS, Facebook earnings aren’t absolute depending on views.

The social media giant explains that these can be factors that can affect your earnings:

  • Country of your audience locations
  • Ad format and location
  • Ad frequency and timing
  • Performance optimization settings (such as choosing a target)
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