YouTube’s Youngest YouTube Star Earned $22 Million in Just 12 Months

These days, it really has become much easier to earn money because even kids can earn millions just by making videos and posting these on YouTube!

Photo credit: YouTube / Ryan ToysReview

If you don’t believe that, then take a look at a young boy’s impressive earnings: $22 million in a period of just 12 months! Isn’t that incredible?

Ryan, the main star of YouTube channel Ryan ToysReview, started out on the video-sharing site back in March 2015. From its humble beginnings, the channel would quickly grow from its first million in a couple of months to a whopping 17 million subscribers just 3 years later!

What makes the achievement even more impressive is that the channel just mainly focuses on unboxing videos and Ryan playing with his toys. Who would watch another kid opening boxes of toys and playing with them, anyway? Well, apparently, millions of kids do!

Photo credit: YouTube / Ryan ToysReview

In the 12-month period leading up to June 1, 2018, Ryan has earned $22 million from his videos. This made him YouTube’s highest earner! He ranked eighth in the overall roll of highest paid YouTube stars last year.

The channel has since improved from its unboxing and playing videos to include animated films created by his parents, starring Ryan. They had also created several spin-off channels, including one that chronicles the supposed adventures of Gus, a puppet.

Photo credit: YouTube / Ryan ToysReview

Majority of Ryan’s earnings come from the ads on his YouTube videos but he also earns a tidy sum from sponsored posts.

Last year, the channel has also launched its own line of Ryan ToysReview toys, consumer goods, and other merchandise.

Since Ryan is a minor, 15% of his earnings go to a Coogan account which is protected until he reaches legal age. But with $22 million earnings a year, keeping 15% of that in the account is quite a good idea and wouldn’t even put a huge dent from the money he could spend anytime he wanted!

Joy Adalia
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