2 Money-Saving Viral Girls Give Us Some Saving Tips

Through the course of 2017, we have had several viral money-changing challenges that got shared around social media a lot. Some have found these viral stories inspiring and soon tries to do the challenges themselves.

However, it is important to understand that being viral should never be the goal when you start to save money. The important thing is to successfully change your lifestyle.

Have a plan on where you aim to spend the money you save, and make sure that you don’t splurge it at once when you reach your goal.

Here are some tips from two girls who went viral with their money-saving success last year.

Yona Abella

Save 1

This girl recently became viral again when her 1-Million barya challenge with her partner got the attention of the netizens.

But early last year around May she already became viral for saving P42,300 in 5 months by not spending all the P50 that comes her way.

When asked where she spent it, she said,

“Ginastos namin yun sa charity and yung iba pinang-gagastos namin for daily use. Meron pa ring natitira hanggang ngayon.”

It’s nice to know that young people like Abella already knows the value of money. Here is her tip for those who want to start saving.

“Dapat habang bata ka pa, magkaroon ka na ng disiplina sa pag-iipon dahil hindi habang buhay bata tayo. Di rin habang buhay bata ang mga magulang natin. Kaya dapat hanggang kaya natin, tulungan natin makatipid ang parents natin. It all boils down to discipline talaga.”

She also added:

“And also, remember these tips: Pick a strategy. Ang mahalaga, may masimulan, kahit magkano pa yan. Record your expenses.  Isulat mo yung mga pumapasok at lumalabas na pera sa’yo. Make a budget. Bago ako umalis at pumunta sa mall, nililista ko na lahat ng kailangan ko bilhin. Dinisiplina ko talaga ang sarili ko to stick to the list and to the budget. Have an inspiration. My inspiration for doing this is my family. Whenever I feel like I can’t do it, iniisip ko lang sila.”

Ivory Ongmanchi

Save 2

Come June of 2017, another girl became viral for successfully being able to P20,346 in 3 months by setting aside every P1, P5, P10, P20, P50 and P100 every end of the day. And proceed with the next day starting with a new P500 peso bill.

When asked where she spent it, she said she used the money to renovate their house and buy the thing they needed.

Her tip for those who want to start is as follows:

“Kung talagang gusto niyo makapag-ipon para sa future niyo, gumawa kayo ng sarili ninyong diskarte. Happy ako kasi marami pa rin akong na-inspire and na-motivate na mag-ipon kahit hindi sa paraan na katulad ng nagawa ko. Again, kanya-kanya po tayo ng strategy para sa sariling ikauunlad natin.”

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