3 Entrepreneurial Chores That You Can Make Your Child Do

Do you want your child to grow up like a businessman? Or do you want the entrepreneurial mindset to be fully ingrained in them even when they grow up?

Introduce this 3 entrepreneurial chores to your child to help them nourish their drive and become an entrepreneur.

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PHOTO CREDITS: Flicker by Roy Luck under CC 2.0

1. Assign them service-oriented tasks

Assigning your kids to do service-oriented tasks can help them develop their sense of responsibility. Some of the tasks you can assign them are; sweeping the floor, taking out the garbage, or for older children, you can ask them to wash dishes, babysit, and walking the dogs.

Later on, they’ll be offering their services to others.

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2. Make Popsicles and Ice Candy

Your kid will definitely enjoy this task. Aside from it’s very easy to make, it is also very safe for them. They just have to mix the ingredients and put them in the freezer. You can have fresh fruits like ripe papaya, watermelon, or buko. It’s very easy to sell, as children love this cool treat!

It’ll also help your child get more acquainted with the kitchen and in the long run, they’ll be able to cook other dishes which they can sell.

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3. Recycling and Charity

Introduce your kid to social entrepreneurship by helping them recycle new items. You can either transform old socks into a puppet or make cute pots out of plastic bottles.

There’s a lot of ‘do-it-yourself’ blogs or videos which you can get ideas from.

Encourage your child to be a philanthropist. Find charity which they can support the proceeds from their sales. This practice will help your child understands the value of having a positive impact on society.

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There are much more which you can teach to your kids to develop their entrepreneurship skills. However, their success solely depends on your TIME. Having a parent who encourages them and has time to teach them the ropes is the ‘ultimate key to success’. So make sure to spend time with your kids as much as you can.

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