How To Apply For A Digitized TIN ID

In the Philippines, if you are employed, your company will secure all your needed government forms and IDs for you, like SSS, TIN, and Philhealth.

You will be able to use these IDs and benefit cards when you transact with other government offices or create a new bank account. You will always be asked for a valid ID.

The problem is, if a person is not employed, it will be hard for them to have a valid ID. Especially if they don’t have passport and Driver’s License also.

Good thing the government came up with Executive Order 90. EO 98 is all about securing a Tax Payer Identification Number (TIN) to be able to transact with any government offices in the country.

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Because you will need a physical ID and not just your TIN number, you may want to secure a digitized TIN ID. This is a valid card that does not expire. You can use it to transact with government offices.


You will need the following when you apply for a digitized TIN ID

  • Copy of your NSO Birth Certificate
  • Valid ID (Driver’s License, SSS, Passport, Comelec ID.


  1. Go to the BIR office with the jurisdiction of the place where you work.
  2. Ask for a TIN Application form. You will need BIR Form 1904 for EO 98.
  3. Fill out the form and submit to the counter along with your proof of identification.
  4. Receive your Tax Identification Number
  5. Request for a BIR ID which you are entitled to under EO 98.

The process in some BIR office usually take just one day, but during busy days or if the office you went to prints their IDs in bulk, you may have to come back another day for claiming.

Make sure you have the date of release, phone number, and person to contact before you leave.

Just take note that iFranchise reminds us that having more than one TIN numbers is a criminal act.

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