The Story Behind The Trending Birria Taco In Tondo That Sells Over 100 Kilos Of Beef Daily

A long line of customers waits in the streets of Tondo, Manila, to get their order of delicious birria tacos. The store they are lining up for is the popular Señor Birria Taco, which serves over 1,000 pieces of tacos in a day.

The Story Behind The Trending Birria Taco In Tondo That Sells Over 100 Kilos Of Beef Daily
Screenshot from Manuel Olazo via YouTube channel

Señor Birria Taco sells a local version that uses tender shredded beef meat in a rich sauce wrapped in a tortilla. Even better, it’s so affordable because they sell it at “Buy 1 Take 1” for only P119.

In a vlog by food vlogger Manuel Olazo via his Youtube channel, he had an interview with the popular “face” of Señor Birria Taco, Brother Haresh. You can easily see Brother Haresh in front of the store, wearing a colorful outfit and a large Mexican hat, or sombrero. According to his story, he ended up living on the streets for five years after a downward spiral caused by gambling and vices.

“Wala, puro sugal. Ang negosyo ko dati printing para sa export companies pero puro waldas pera, sugal, night life, madaling araw uwi tapos gising ng hapon. Trabaho ng konti, mga 5 oras. Ubos lahat ng pera,” Brother Haresh said. [My life was marred by vices. I used to own a printing business that works with export companies, but I lost all my money. I spent them all on gambling, nightlife, and vices. I go home late and work only for a few hours until all my money was gone.]

Gratefully, he met Brother Jay, who helped him start anew by supporting his small business of selling liniments, dishwashing liquids, and more. Brother Jay was also the one who gave him a job working at Señor Birria Taco.

Brother Jay, the owner, shared that they started with 10 kilos of beef meat until they now sell over 100 kilos of meat everyday. Those interested to start their own birria business would be happy to know that they are open for franchise.

In another interview with Tikim TV, he recalled that they started with a shawarma business. However, mall operators often rejected them because they were already “big names” within the mall. So, they ended up with locations where “hindi masyadong maganda ang market kasi malayo.” [The market wasn’t that good because the location was far.]

Even more, the pandemic forced them to shut down many of their branches. But it didn’t stop them from pursuing more. They innovated and shifted from shawarma to birria taco. The rest, they say, is history!

Innovation, hard work, and even second chances all play a significant role in a business’s success. There have been many inspiring stories, such as how innovation saved the failing family business of Eng Bee Tin Hopia, that remind us that sometimes failures are a re-direction for us to strive harder in business. Good luck!

You can watch Manuel Olaza’s video via YouTube channel:

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