Business Guide: How to Franchise Master Siomai

Have you seen those Master Siomai food carts in malls or in school and office cafeterias? Established in 2007, Master Siomai offers the delicious Chinese snack item called ‘siomai’ which is actually steamed meat wrapped in molo wrapper, similar to that used in making ‘lumpia’.

Siomai is a popular snack item with Filipinos; this is the main reason why Master Siomai outlets have been successful across the country. To date, there are at least 700 franchise outlets for the brand across the country – incredible, isn’t it?

The main product offered is, of course, siomai but it does come in different flavors and combos for your customers to try. Often, you also get to sell drinks (sago at gulaman is the perfect partner for the siomai).

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Guide to Getting a Master Siomai Franchise

  • Find an excellent location where there is plenty of foot traffic
  • The spot does not have to be large because the food stall takes up little space
  • Lease proposal or award notice is required for a mall location
  • For other locations, make a lease agreement with the lessor before the site evaluation
  • Call Master Siomai ((02)-281-3635 | 0923-441-9957 | 09234419958) for site evaluation
  • You will need a capital of around Php280,000 for the franchise; half is required before food cart construction
  • Franchise owner is required to attend business operations meetings
  • Crew will attend training and orientation
  • Once approved, owner needs to sign the franchise agreement
  • You must pay the remaining balance in full once the food cart is delivered

Standard Package Inclusions

  • 1 unit food cart
  • 1 unit 5-cu. ft. chest freezer
  • 1 stainless steamer
  • 1 plastic juice container
  • Kitchen and plastic wares
  • Food products
  • Paper products
  • Crew uniforms
  • Cleaning supplies

Source: Pinoy Money Talk

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