Cheapest Franchise in the Philippines

Do you really need Php1 million to start a business? That’s not true! Did you know that you can start a franchise business for as low as Php12,500?

What’s the Cheapest Franchise in the Philippines?

Many people want to start a business but think that they can’t afford it because they think that starting a business is expensive. But not all businesses need a lot of capital!

Photo credit: Levy’s Foodcart Enterprises

In fact, there are many businesses that you can start from the comforts of your home for less than Php10,000: selling coffee or baked goods, for example.

But starting a business from scratch can be challenging. Others prefer to get a franchise, instead, because such a business already has an established name, products, and marketing and business strategies.

Photo credit: Levy’s Foodcart Enterprises

If you plan on getting a franchise, then you might want to consider Levy’s Foodcart Enterprises. This multi-awarded franchise group offers the following promo packages for the low cost franchise in the Philippines:

  • Single foodcart package: Php12,500 (before: Php 30,000)
  • 2in1 foodcart package: Php 17,500 (before: Php 40,000)
  • 3in1 foodcart package: Php 20,000 (before: Php 45,000)
  • 4in1 foodcart package: Php 25,000 (before: Php 55,000)
  • 5in1 foodcart package: Php 30,000 (before: Php 65,000)
  • 6in1 foodcart package: Php 35,000 (before: Php 75,000)
  • 7in1 foodcart package: Php 40,000 (before: Php 85,000)
  • 8in1 foodcart package: Php 45,000 only (before: Php 95,000)
  • 9in1 foodcart package: Php 50,000 only (before: Php 105,000) (exclusively for Luzon area only)
  • 10in1 foodcart package: Php 55,000 only (before: Php 115,000) (exclusively for Luzon area only)
  • 11in1 foodcart package: Php 60,000 only (before: Php 125,000)
  • Distributor’s package: Php 150,000 only (before: Php 300,000)

Franchising Levy’s Foodcart Enterprises

It’s so easy to franchise Levy’s Foodcart Enterprises.

Photo credit: Levy’s Foodcart Enterprises

Step 1. Determine what kind of package you want to get and how many of the brands you want to sell.

Step 2. Determine what type of products you want to franchise. You can choose from the following, subject to availability in your locality:

  • Asian Noodle Master
  • Friesylicious
  • Icy Scramble
  • Jeza’s Pizza (Metro Manila and nearby provinces only)
  • Milky Coco Shake (Luzon only)
  • Shawarma Brothers
  • Siopaoholic (Luzon only)
  • Sisig Royale
  • The Dimsum House
  • Wow! Bentelog
  • Yummy Burgers & Hotdogs

Step 3. Once you’ve made up your mind, contact Mr. Leovie or Mrs. Ivy Joyce Agbu through the following numbers: 0908-558-5228 or 0927-545-6989.

Step 4. If your application is approved, you need to pay the necessary fees for your package.

Step 5. Process your business documents.

Photo credit: Levy’s Foodcart Enterprises

Step 6. Once your food cart, marketing materials, food preparation materials, and food products arrived, you can already begin selling.

For more information, you can also contact Levy’s Foodcart Enterprises on their Facebook page or their official website:

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