Discount Health Cards Available In The Philippines

For those who are employed, they don’t have to worry about having health insurances because their company will be paying for half of their membership. But for those who are not employed or are doing business, they have no employer to share the premium with.

Their option is to avail an individually paying membership or supplement their membership with health plans from other private healthcare providers. If they can’t afford a health plan yet, they can avail for discount health cards, which are usually good for 1 year.

Health card

These cards can be shown at accredited hospitals and you’ll be discounted depending on the amount on your card. Here are the companies where you can get discount cards in the Philippines.

PhilCare: ER Vantage

This is a onetime use card that covers emergency expenses leading to your admission. This card covers the room and board based on the amount in your card. You can buy these at PhilCare clinics.

The amounts are as follows:

– P900 for Wardroom, you’ll have a P40,000 benefit limit
– P1,100 for Semi-Private Room, you’ll have a P60,000 benefit limit
– P1,300 for Regular Private Room, you’ll have a P80,000 benefit limit

Medicard: RxER

This can be used for both emergency expenses and also outpatient expenses. You can apply for it online, no need to go to their office.

You pay P1998 for a P20,000 benefit limit, and lab tests discount off a maximum of P5,000. You can use this card as long as the limit is not yet reached and the incident happened not more than 6 hours ago.

Maxicare: EReady

You can only use this card once even if you don’t consume the amount. You will be covered for a maximum of P15,000. There are accredited agents and brokers where you can buy this card.

The amounts are as follows:

– P549 (without major hospitals)
– P749 (with major hospitals)

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