Fitz’ Tips On How To Choose Your Health Care Provider

In 2016, I was invited to be a speaker for a seminar that aimed to help people who wanted to start their Digital Careers. The seminar was organized by Online Jobs University, where they invited key speakers who are experts in their own niches.

I was there to talk about writing as a career online. After my talk, I stayed and listened to the other speakers. I was looking to pick up some tips and anything I can learn from.

Fitz Tips

Of all the speakers, one stood out for me. Fitz Villafuerte was there to discuss his book “Guide to Investing”, while he was talking, the topic went to health insurance and savings. I’ll talk about the saving tips he gave some other time.  Here is what stood out for me when he talked about how to choose your health care provider. I never really thought about it this way, I always thought that the more popular it is, the better terms it provides.

What Fitz said made a lot of sense.

Go to the nearest hospital

A lot of people commit the mistake of getting a plan from the most popular provider, or from the provider that their friend got their plans from. The problem is the hospitals and clinics that accredits that provider is far from their home. During an emergency, of course, you’ll want to be able to go to the nearest hospital, right?

Fitz said, go to the nearest hospital and ask for the health care providers that they accredit.


When you get hold of the list, search for the offices of the said providers, choose the top three providers with offices near your house. His reason is that when you have to fix something, you’ll want a provider that is accessible to you, so it won’t be too much of a hassle.


Fitz mentioned that when it comes to the benefits of the providers, these are almost the same. It makes no sense to compare the benefits early on while you still have a lot on your list.

Start your comparison when you already have the top 3 providers that are accredited by the nearest hospital and have offices near your house. This will make your choice easier and your insurance choice a better one.

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