Franchise Ideas: Star Frappé Food Cart and Café

These days, it is much easier to start a business because there are a lot of available franchise options you can choose from if you want to sell something that has already an established name in the market.

Food carts are especially popular to business start-ups because of the low costs the business owners have to shell out to start the business. You don’t have to spend millions in capital just to start a food cart business.

Star Frappé Café is a favorite food business because of the products they offer. It started out as a food cart business that soon grew into a restaurant/café — but food cart franchise is still available!

Franchise Ideas: Star Frappé Food Cart and Café
Photo credit: Star Frappé

What’s great about this business is that at a total investment of less than Php500,000, you will already have a cafe selling various popular food items like frappé, milk tea, and pizza! If you only have Php100,000, you can still start the business with food carts!

Surely, this business would be a great choice no matter where you are planning to set up your shop; although it would be better to open your Star Frappé Café franchise at an area with lots of people, including near call centers, schools, and offices. Because the items available on the menu are readily affordable, this shop can also be placed near markets and other public places.

Franchise Ideas: Star Frappé Food Cart and Café
Photo credit: Star Frappé

Products Available:

  • Frappé (flavors like: double dutch, coffee hazelnut, caramel latte, dark forest)
  • Hot coffee (flavors like: chocolate coffee, brown coffee, cappuccino)
  • Milk tea (flavors like: Swiss mocha milk tea, taro milk tea, winter melon milk tea)
  • Burgers (flavors like: footlong burgers, burger with egg or cheese)
  • Rice meals (flavors like: tapsilog, longsilog, beef chow)
  • Pizza (flavors like: ham and cheese, pepperoni, Hawaiian)

Franchise Advantages:

  • Well-known brand
  • Low franchise fees
  • Total investment of Php499,000 for cafe
  • Food carts also available at Php90,000
  • ROI in less than 12 months
  • No advertising fee
  • No royalty fee
  • No renewal fee
  • Easy requirements (space must be at least 30-40 sqm)
  • No quota
Franchise Ideas: Star Frappé Food Cart and Café
Photo credit: Star Frappé

Contact Details for Franchise Inquiries:

Joy Adalia

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