4 Helpful Tips In Starting A Free-Range Chicken Farm From A Poultry Expert

There is a growing market for free-range chicken meat and eggs these days as more consumers see the health benefits of free-range farming. Free-range chickens result in healthier meat and eggs. If you’re ready to look for some helpful tips, this article got you covered.

4 Helpful Tips In Starting A Free-Range Chicken Farm From A Poultry Expert
Screengrab: Agripreneur via Youtube

In an episode of Agripreneur via Youtube, the team visited Alca Free Range Farm to learn more about free-range farming. Allan Caayaw, the poultry manager of the farm shared some helpful tips for starting or managing a free-range chicken farm.

1. Check your location

Unlike traditional poultry farming, free-range chicken farming doesn’t keep chickens inside coops. Instead, chickens are allowed to grow and loiter on your farm. Thus, the area space and location of your farm are very important. You also have to consider your location’s distance and the direction of the wind from the neighboring area. It should also have an adequate source of water but away from low-lying streams that are prone to flood. You can also grow forage around your space as alternative food for your chickens.

“Magtanong-tanong kung akma ba sa free-range farming ang lugar,” Allan shared.

2. Learn the proper nutrition

He added that free-range farming may seem easy because you just let the chicken roam around free. However, free-range chickens are actually more sensitive than those in traditional poultry farms. Free-range chickens are fed with greens or healthy fruits and veggies. It’s best you follow the correct feeding guide for your chicken.

4 Helpful Tips In Starting A Free-Range Chicken Farm From A Poultry Expert
Screengrab: Agripreneur via Youtube

According to Allan, they usually start feeding at 5 in the morning. They also give forages or plants as morning snacks at around 8 to 9 in the morning. Meanwhile, chicks are given unlimited feeding.

“May mga teknolohiya kami na sinusunod at mga programa na mga eksperto ang gumawa sa sinusunod namin, lalo na sa timetable ng pagpapalaki,” Allan shared.

“Kaya healthy. Lasang native talaga. Natural po talaga and paglaki nila,” the poultry manager said.

3. Monitor the chickens’ weight

It’s also best to always monitor if your free-range chickens are growing healthy. Monitoring their weight is your guide if you’re giving the right care and nutrition to your chickens.

“Yung weighing niya, young timbang dapat weekly, ma-monitor mo para masigurado mo ang tamang kalusugan niya. Hindi naman po dapat sobrang bigat or sobrang baba ng timbang lalo na during chick period niya,” he explained.

4. Be focused

Allan’s advice to those starting a free-range farm is to give their focus and attention. “Ang masasabi ko lang sa mga nagbabalak na magsimula ng free-range ay dapat focused ka sa iyong mga ginagawa, lalo na sa mga manok,” he said.

Like any business, always strive to learn more. Attend seminars and lectures from experts. Even if you’re already a seasoned agripreneur, there’s always room for more learning. Good luck!

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