Guide for Beginners: How to Start a Blogging Business

In the past, people scoff at blogging as merely a form of entertainment or a means for people to share their thoughts with the world but, today, this has become a good business that gives bloggers a lot of money – and if done right, you can continue to earn money even while you are asleep! Isn’t that great?

But first things first. How do you start a blogging business?

Well, all you really need is a computer and internet connection; though you can also blog while in an internet cafe or using another person’s computer, this can be risky as your blog could be hacked or necessary files could get lost. If you really are serious about starting a blogging business, invest in a computer or laptop.

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Newbies can start a blog using the free or the free WordPress site but if you truly want to earn money, get to have more control of your blog, and make it look awesome for you to gain wider readership, invest in your own domain and use WordPress. You need to pay for the domain and the hosting.

Next, determine what type of blog you want to start – whether it is a blog featuring viral stories or a news site or a mix of news and social/viral stories. Don’t worry because you could always change that later but knowing your goal can help you start your blog easily.

Choose a blog name/title and buy the domain.

It would be a good idea to write as many posts as you can, especially when you are still starting your blog since readers who chance on your blog tend to stay longer if you have lots of interesting stuff to offer. Also, these readers could soon become your loyal followers/readers.

But almost always, quality wins over quantity. Make sure that you research well before writing. Keep your facts straight and, if possible, provide links to your sources.

One big rule in the blogosphere: DO NOT PLAGIARIZE! This could mean not copying articles or pictures and passing them as your own. Acknowledge your sources, especially photos you use on your blog.

You can also hire writers to work for your blog. This can work to your advantage in that these people can provide content for your blog even while you are busy with other things or even while you are sleeping.

Of course, it is important to monetize your blog so you can earn money from it. Google’s Adsense program is one of the top sources of income in the blogosphere but there are also other options available to bloggers out there. The good news is that most of these other ad programs can be used alongside Adsense. Some of these require a certain number of readership before you get approved; don’t worry because you can work on those numbers and apply again later.

With so many options available, it is up to you to try these on your blog and see which ones work best for you. Just do some trial and error – soon you will find the best ones to use on your blog.

Good luck! We hope you’ll earn money through blogging soon…

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