Top 10 Useful Business Ideas for OFWs to Earn Extra Money

Times are hard these days that even those earning dollars abroad often need to have another source of income to meet the needs of their families. This is why we are sharing here the top 10 useful business ideas for OFWs to earn extra money.

10. Sari-Sari Store

A sari-sari store is an effective business for the families of OFWs who are left in the Philippines. They can manage the small-scale business with ease and could open up shop just by simply knocking off a wall or two of an existing house/building to create the store.

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9. Imported Goods Store

This is great for OFWs as they can send goods from the countries they are working in to their families in the Philippines.

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8. Travel Agency

This requires someone capable of handling sensitive information and could accurately input data in the system (especially since stuff like changing ticket information can be expensive) but with OFWs needing to travel and also being in contact with people who are surely going to travel in the future, this business is a great option. Just make sure to find the right person to manage and man the business.

7. Carinderia or Catering Services

Filipinos love to eat – that is a known fact. You can capitalize on that by opening a carinderia. It would be especially great if you can find an excellent spot where there are plenty of potential customers, such as office workers or students.

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6. Laundry Shop

With people becoming constantly busy with their lives these days, finding time to do the laundry can be a difficult thing. This is why a laundry shop could be an excellent idea for OFWs to open in the Philippines.

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5. Blogging

If you have talent in writing, welcome to the world of blogging! For newbies, you can find help from groups like Ask Pinoy Bloggers to help you create a blog and earn money from it. If you are not so good at writing in English, you can always hire writers to work on your behalf.

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4. Food Cart Franchise

All you have to do is set up the capital, find the best place to open up shop, and hire the right people to manage a food cart franchise. This is an easy option, with lots of choices available for you to choose from.

3. Ukay-Ukay Shop

The ukay-ukay shop has found its way to Filipino culture – and you can find many of these shops across the country. You can open a “sosyal” version, with clothes placed in hangers inside an air-conditioned store to attract more customers, especially the middle working class.

2. Load Retailer

What makes this business an excellent choice is that you are selling something that is not perishable and you could bring anywhere; thus, even OFW family members working in the office or going to school can actually earn money by selling load.

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1. Online Buy and Sell Business

If you can’t have a physical store, simply open an online buy and sell business. As you build your online store and online reputation as seller, you’ll find more clients for sure. What makes this business an excellent choice is that you can sell to anyone across the country (or even abroad!) – you are not limited to your physical store!

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