5 Online Business Ideas for People With Disabilities

Are you a PWD (person with disability) looking for online business ideas in the Philippines?

Don’t be afraid or feel ashamed because you’re differently abled.

Did you know that business tycoon Richard Branson has a disability? Branson openly admits that he has dyslexia, a learning disability. It taught him to delegate tasks he isn’t good at – and it worked!

5 Online Business Ideas for People With Disabilities

While not everyone can be Branson, here are the top 5 business ideas for PWDs in the Philippines:

1. Designing (and Selling Your Designs)

What are your talents? If you’re good at designing, then use this hobby to earn money doing something that you really love.

These design products will really depend on what you’re capable of, but you can also expand your horizons by taking online lessons so you can offer more items.

Some examples of business merch include:

  • Digital artwork
  • Actual artwork on canvas or other media that you sell online
  • Creative posters
  • Adaptive clothes and accessories
  • Logos

2. Special Needs Consultant or Coach

As someone with special needs, you know that finding the right motivation and inspiration can be a major turning point in life.

You can use your own experience and expertise to help others in need.

Aside from offering online consulting, you can also create how-to videos.

3. Online Store or Dropshipping

This kind of business is great for all types of sellers, even PWDs.

You can opt to open your own online store and directly sell the items or try dropshipping so you won’t have any physical stocks with you.

In dropshipping, you receive the orders on your shop but the main seller sends the items to the seller for you.

4. Becoming a Virtual Assistant or Freelance Worker

There are thousands of companies out there that are doing business the modern way – online. So, workers have adapted as these companies hire virtual assistants or freelance workers.

Depending on your skills, training, and experience, you can find online freelance jobs such as:

  • Virtual assistant
  • Online executive assistant
  • Freelance writer
  • Freelance auditor or bookkeeper
  • Freelance graphics designer
  • Online programmer
  • Gamer (yep! that can be a good-paying job!)
  • And so much more

5. Online Tutorial Services

Opening an online tutorial business is also a good idea for PWDs. This is useful, especially because many students these days are also adept with online learning.

Joy Adalia

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