Top 6 Profitable Business Ideas for Gamers

Are you a gamer? Did you know that you can also earn some money while gaming, without taking the fun out of your games?

Top 6 Profitable Business Ideas for Gamers

We share the top 6 profitable business ideas for gamers in the Philippines on this list.

Whether you’re still a newbie (amateur) gamer or already a pro, there are lots of business ideas that you can try so you can earn money on the side while enjoying your games.

Here are the top 6 that you can make profit from, in no particular order:

Become a Vlogger or Professional Tipster

Did you know that gamers are among the top earners on YouTube and other social media platforms that allow content producers to earn money?

For many gamers, all it takes is for you to record yourself while you’re gaming – and let those earnings trickle in while your fans show their support by sending you stars or simply watching your videos. You earn money from the views, that’s if your channel is already monetized.

Start a Website for Gaming Tutorials

If you’re good at your game, you can create gaming tutorials. These videos can rack up views even while you sleep.

Start a Video Game Reality Show

If you’re a fun-loving person who also enjoys doing a hosting stint, then you can even do a video game reality show. It’s similar to the vlogger idea but this one lets you engage with your viewers and invite them to participate.

Open a Video Games Production Company

This is another way of earning some money while gaming. You get to hone your skills and also earn some money. Though you have to invest in some good equipment first, you could enjoy great profits if you improve your skills.

Open a Video Gaming Café

If you have space and equipment, then it could be a good idea to open a video gaming café. Your shop can become the neighborhood hangout for gamers. You can earn money while hanging out with other gamers and playing with them, too.

Launch a Video Game Store

You can also open an online shop to sell video games as an associate. The reseller earnings might not be as high as you expect but it’s another good way to earn passive income from gaming.

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