8 Best Wholesale Business Ideas To Start In The Philippines

Starting a wholesale business has many advantages. Wholesalers typically sell in bulk, which simplifies their operations and streamlines their profits in contrast to retail, where profits are calculated piece by piece.

8 Best Wholesale Business Ideas To Start In The Philippines
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To help you get started in your wholesale business, we’ve compiled a list of the top 8 wholesale business ideas in the Philippines.

1. Clothing

Clothing and apparel continue to be good business ideas, whether retail or wholesale. Find a good supplier of clothes and ensure that they offer good-quality items. Clothes are always among the top items to sell online.

2. Educational materials, toys, and books

This is a niche that is often underrated but has a lot of potential and is also always in demand. You can offer bulk prices to school and office supplies stores and companies.

3. Bags

Purses, bags, backpacks, and handbags are a big hit among retailers and online sellers. You can offer a wide variety of bags that they can purchase at a wholesale price.

4. Pet supplies

There’s also a lot of potential in the pet food and supplies business, but they can also be highly competitive. If you’re just starting out, you may want to personally visit pet stores, and companies, and offer good deals.

5. Grains or rice

Being a wholesaler or distributor of grains and rice can be a lucrative business idea. Not only is rice a primary need, but there are also many rice retailers. From big companies to sari-sari stores, rice is always readily accessible. You want to be able to build a good rapport and offer competitive wholesale prices, so they’ll choose you.

6. Coffee beans and tea

As a wholesaler, you want to target companies and business owners that will need your product for a long time. Offer good-quality beans and tea products to cafes, restaurants, and other specialty shops.

7. Surgical and medical needs

This can be a bit complex due to certain health permits and licenses, but the rewards can be very great. Once you capture this market, even with just one hospital or medical facility, you’re in it for the jackpot. To do this, you need to be aware that there’s usually a bid for this, and you need to prepare a good proposal. If you’re invested in this, research your competitors as well as the facility’s current contract and offer competitive deals.

8. Electronic products

This is also a good market to get into because there are so many retailers in this industry. Because these items can be very affordable, you may need to find many retailers to earn big bucks, as opposed to offering high-priced items that can turn into huge profits even with just one or two companies.

Remember that these are just suggestions, and there’s no rule on what you can and cannot sell. It’s still best to follow your passion, keep up with in-demand items, and study the needs of the market. Good luck!

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