3 French Fries Franchises With An Initial Investment Of Under P300K

If you’re looking for a profitable franchise but have a limited budget, there are still many options out there for you. If you have P300,000 you can consider a number of good French fries franchises. Of course, you can easily start a french fries business from scratch, but franchising has its advantages, such as a recognizable brand name and loyal customers.

3 French Fries Franchises With An Initial Investment Of Under P300K
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In this article, we listed 3 of our recommended french fries franchises that have an initial investment of under P300,000. Remember that this is just a guide, and prices and terms may change, so it’s always better to contact the company for their most up-to-date details.

1. Kerrimo

Minimum Initial Investment: P250,000
Kerrimo is a popular brand because it serves not just fries but other fried snacks. It’s an innovative idea to combine drinks and fries in one container, so it’s easier to eat while strolling around. Because it’s affordable, it’s popular among students, teens, and even kids. If you’re interested in how to franchise Kerrimo, the initial investment ranges from P250,000 to P350,000. You can download their franchise kit from their website.

2. Potato Corner

Minimum Initial Investment: P250,000
Potato Corner is probably the most popular french fries brand in the country. It has been on the market for a long time and has earned huge loyal followers through the years. It’s also on our list of best food franchises under P500,000. Potato Corner offers 3 franchising packages, the school cart, the standard cart, and the customizable cart. The prices range from P250,000 to P290,000. If you want to learn how to franchise Potato Corner, you can check their website for more details.

3. Potato King

Minimum Initial Investment: P288,888
Potato King is from the makers of Siomai King, the popular siomai franchise. The founders of Siomai King stayed true to its vision of offering affordable franchises for Pinoys. Launched in 2016, Potato King is already one of the recognizable affordable french fries around malls, street corners, or near schools. If you’re interested in franchising Potato King, they offer a 7 2-in-1 Community Franchise package for the price of P288,888. For more details, you can look it up on the Siomai King official page.

There you go! These are just 3 of our recommended french fries franchises. We based our picks on popularity, affordability, quality, and marketability. When choosing a franchise, don’t just look at the price, but all the aspects of the overall company. If you have P1 million budget, you can also look up frappe and milk tea franchises. We also have a list of good shawarma franchises for under P1 million. Good luck!

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