How I Earned Php1 Million in 1 Year Just by Working at Home as Freelance Writer

When I quit a good-paying day job for freelance writing, everyone thought I was nuts for giving up a regular job for something with plenty of unknowns. Indeed, I’ve been through a number of ups and downs, spent months of having no projects (and bills mounting up!) yet I can say for certain that I have no regrets at all.

Why should I complain and feel any regrets, anyway, when I could work at my own pace, on my own schedule, and take as many coffee breaks and vacations as I want, with no one breathing down my neck to force me to focus on what I was doing in front of the computer? Plus, not to brag at all, I was able to earn close to Php1 million for just a year!


So, how did I earn Php1 million in 1 year just by working at home as freelance writer? Well, don’t worry because I’m quite ready to share some tips.

First, you have to determine your talent and learn how to use it to earn money. I know I am not the best in English – and my work lacks poetic flare – but in the world of internet, my work is accepted just fine. So, I decided to become a freelance writer. From there, I developed my talent by doing research, reading more, and writing more.


Now, don’t think for one instance that I immediately got successful and earned my Php1 million on my first year. Nope. It took me 7 years to finally hone my skills, luckily find the best jobs, and earned that money while also having fun with my family anytime I wanted.

The next thing you have to do is find a job, of course. There are many options to find, if you are looking for a job as freelance writer. Online job marketplaces are abundant on the internet; though I can’t recommend one as I’ve actually haven’t tried them personally. All my jobs came from Facebook!


Armed with a portfolio filled with my own work, of course, I messaged website owners on Facebook whether they needed a writer – and got accepted that way! As for the rate, I started with $1 per 100 words. I joined contests at work (I won those!) and did everything I could to improve my work.

Next, know your worth – and ask for a raise!

As you grow in this business, you have to know your worth as well. While my $1 per 100 words was sort of ‘standard’ in the industry, it really is cheap. So, I negotiated with my bosses to increase my salary to $5 per 200 words – and they actually agreed!


When a boss started handing out bonuses for viral work, I negotiated with my other bosses to also give me the same bonus. While not all could afford to give me the bonus, most actually did! Thus, instead of the usual rate I was getting for an article, I got as much as 5 times the article price!

So, if you’re a newbie and not so sure whether freelance writing earns good money, my answer is simple: yes, it can! But we all have different career paths, talents, and, I should mention, luck. I don’t brag about being the best writer because, well, I am not; however, I got lucky and was able to get into these jobs with awesome bosses so I was able to earn my Php1 million in just 1 year.


If you still haven’t found your luck in the online world, don’t stop looking. It took me some 7 years before I found the jobs to help me earn my first million from the internet. I wish you good luck in finding yours!

P.S. My jobs/bosses are confidential but the Paypal screenshots above are mine. The tally on the Paypal screenshots won’t reach Php1 million because I was also paid via other options but my cash cards don’t have options to view history/transactions.

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