Debutante Receives Piglets & Feeds, Jumpstarts Piggery Business

A debutante recently went viral after receiving piglets and feeds for her 18th birthday – and she jumpstarts her piggery business with these practical gifts. Impressive idea, isn’t it?

Debutante Jumpstarts Piggery Business with Practical Gifts

In most debuts, the debutante receives 18 roses, sweet gifts, and even money (such as the recent trend of ‘blue bills’ wherein 18 people give the debutante Php1,000 bills each). However, not everyone chooses those as their gifts for their 18th birthday.

Recently, Marc Antonyt Cosico of Sariaya, Quezon, went viral after she celebrated her 18th birthday wishes on January 13, 2024 with a rather practical twist.

piglets for debut
Photo credit: Syjay Dalwampo, TradeMark Events by Mark Gil M. Manalo – Philippine STAR

Instead of asking for flowers or blue bills, even, this young lady celebrated adulthood with practical gifts of piglets and feeds. What a way to start a business!

With 18 sponsors for the following, she’s really set up for good:

  • Piglets
  • Pig feeds (starters, growers, breeders, and finishers)

It turned out that the young lady found inspiration from her mom who already owns a piggery business.

So, when it was time to plan out her debut, she thought about asking for these gifts instead of the usual gifts that most girls wish to receive on their 18th birthday.

The young lady explained that she plans on using the money she will earn from this new business to continue on expanding their family business and to help pay for her tuition fees in school.

debut with piglets
Photo credit: Syjay Dalwampo, TradeMark Events by Mark Gil M. Manalo – Philippine STAR

Due to the unique theme for this debut, event organizer Mark Gil Manalo admitted that it was quite a challenge for their team. But they also enjoyed the challenge and readily accepted it.

We could just imagine the logistics and other things that they had to prepare to achieve this practical debut, but judging from the impressive photos and the debutante’s huge smile, the event was quite a success!

How to Start a Piggery Business

Aside from asking for piglets and feeds on your birthday, you can read our article on how to start a piggery business so you can start earning from this venture soon.

Joy Adalia

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