Boss Toyo Recalls Humble Beginnings to Inspire Newbie Resellers & Entrepreneurs

Do you know Boss Toyo? He’s a superstar in his own right as the man behind the ‘Pinoy Pawnstars’ page – and he recently shared his humble beginnings to inspire newbie resellers and entrepreneurs out there because, yes, many of successful people started small.

Boss Toyo’s Reveals Humble Beginnings in Business

Boss Toyo is now one of the most recognizable names in the local buy-and-sell industry – and he’s even the person behind the controversial coming out of the late Master Rapper Francis M’s secret flame and love child.

He’s also the person who bought former child star Jiro Manio’s Gawad Urian Best Actor trophy for Php75,000.Boss Toyo Recalls Humble Beginnings to Inspire Newbie Resellers & EntrepreneursPhoto credit: Boss Toyo

More recently, his name also made headlines after he was offered the sportscar owned by former couple Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, though the deal didn’t push through because the dealer won’t accept his last price of Php5.8 million.

Now, we’re talking millions here – and you might recall that someone offered him a whopping Php8 million for his Francis M collection.

It’s clear that Boss Toyo is now a millionaire, perhaps maybe a billionaire. But did you know that he started out small and had to rush around, chasing trains and running (yep, on foot!) just so he could sell stuff and bring those items to his customers when he was just starting out?

Boss Toyo humble beginnings
Photo credit: Boss Toyo

In a post on Facebook, he shared that when he first started out, he would take time messaging people to buy their goods, and then resell these to other customers. He wanted to be hands-on in the business, and would personally deliver the items to his buyers – even if that meant catching a lot of trains and traveling so far away from home.

There were times when he wasn’t able to eat because he wanted to make sure that the profits he earned from these transactions were as intact as possible. So, he would just have his meal when he got back home.

But his love for buy-and-sell and collecting stuff brought him far.

Who would have thought that the guy chasing trains for a Php200 profit would now be the sought-after guy for trading collectibles that are worth millions, huh?

Starting a Buy-and-Sell Business

Planning on starting a buy-and-sell business? As you can see from Boss Toyo’s experience, you don’t really need a lot of money. But you need to find ways to earn that money.

Here are some articles to help you get started:

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