Carinderia in Tondo Goes Viral for Delicious Food, Inspiring Owners

A ‘carinderia’ in Tondo recently went viral after it was featured on Zacas TV – and many netizens were amazed at the delicious food they saw on the video and the inspiring owners behind this booming family business.

Family Business: Carinderia in Tondo

When it comes to doing business, a lot of entrepreneurs have found the best solution by involving everyone in the family – and this worked for the owners of a carinderia called Rolly B located in 926 Elcano St., (in Elcano Market) in Tondo, Manila.

The parents, Tatay Rolly and Nanay Millet Espiritu, made sure that they trained their kids to help out in their food shop – and it worked!

Not only are the kids hardworking, they are also able to finish their studies with the earnings from their store (which they also continue to help in despite their current jobs). There’s still one in college but also bound to graduate with the help of their carinderia business.

Photo credit: Zacas TV

Growing the Business

Of course, Rolly B started out like everyone else – as a small business that had a small spot. They had few customers and only offered three kinds of food.

But Nanay Millet made sure to cook the food with as much ingredients as possible – and she takes pride in making sure that the food tastes good. She doesn’t cut on the ingredients to reduce the capital because she wants to make sure that the customers will come back because of their delicious foods.

The entire family, including the kids, helped out. Even back when the kids where as young as 7 or 8 years old, they were already helping out in preparing the ingredients for their carinderia.

With their good food and great attitude, the carindera quickly grew. It soon had a lot of customers and is now serving so much food that they have to order an entire pig and get it cooked within just two days! What a feast.

Joy Adalia

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