How to Start a Carinderia Using a Small Capital

A carinderia is a type of eatery or restaurant which you can start with a low capital, especially if you have an available spot on your own lot and the necessary kitchen gears to start cooking and serving food for your customers.

To start your carinderia, you have to first consider where it should be located – make sure to think of your target customers. For example, there are homeowners who are lucky enough to be located near a school or office, giving them easy access to plenty of possible customers for the main meals of the day or even just for snacks.

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Next, determine how much capital you need to put up and what things you need to buy before you can start selling food. Of course, you would need basic dining stuff like tables and chairs, utensils, water pitchers, trays, etc. But you can already start the business with P15,000 or even less!

Consider your menu; but most importantly, who would cook these foods? Your customers are going to judge your carinderia based on the foods you offer, so make sure you can provide them with delicious options. If your cooking skills are below average, you might want to consider hiring a cook. This person can even help buy the items you need from the market.

The prices on your menu can also make or break your carinderia. Settle with a reasonable price range so you can earn a good profit without being too expensive that you might turn potential regular customers away.

You can’t do everything in the carinderia, that’s for sure. So, make sure you can hire at least two workers – one to help serve the customers and another to wash the dishes and cooking utensils. You can man the counter yourself or hire a cashier.

Of course, you have to apply for the necessary permits in your locality so you can legally operate your carinderia.

Lastly, consider your marketing options. This does not necessarily mean buying ads on the radio or newspaper but actually engaging your customers, making them feel welcome, and providing with great food in a great environment. Word of mouth advertising is your best friend so make sure you treat your customers right so they will also come back and bring their friends.

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