How Much Does a Carinderia Earn?

A carinderia is an eatery offering a variety of food that are often priced at lesser price tags than those offered in traditional restaurants.

Often, a carinderia does not offer set menus but customers have to choose their food from an array of serving dishes or even off pots and pans!

Still, a carinderia is a lucrative business, especially if you are lucky enough to find a spot close to a lot of customers, such as one near schools or offices.

So, the big question is this: how much does a carinderia earn?

The answer to that depends on a lot of factors, of course. While we can’t give you exact figures, we can give you an idea of what you can expect based on these factors:

Location of Your Store

The location of your store will primarily determine your profits because this could mean having a steady stream or only a trickle of customers. A prime spot like those near a school or office ensures that you have a lot of possible customers – the trick now is how you can attract them to visit your carinderia and become regular customers.

So, a carinderia with a prime location has better chances of earning more than a carinderia with a location away from lots of customers.

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Size of Your Store

If your store is in a prime spot but it is just small, you can’t expect it to have more profit than a larger store because you have a smaller space available for your customers. A smaller space means lesser customers at any given time.

But don’t be disheartened if you only have a small space – you can always make up to that by offering quality, fairly priced food so that your customers will regularly return to your carinderia.

Types of Food Offered

As much as possible, offer your customers with a variety of menu each day – do not just stick to the ones that are known favorites because even if that will bring you lots of steady customers for weeks, they would soon want to look for other varieties to eat.

Photo credit: 10 Minutes PH
Photo credit: Ten Minutes PH

Also, depending on the location of your carinderia, you can offer food at different times of day, starting breakfast to dinner. Don’t forget to offer snacks, too!

Value of Food Offered

Most stores determine their prices by the prices offered by their competitors. Although that is alright, you also have to consider whether lowering your prices could still earn you a good profit.

Still, lowering your prices would mean attracting new clients and introducing them to the tastes and varieties of food you offer. Stay with that price for a couple of weeks or months, then, gradually increase it when you get regular customers who know that your food is better than your competitors. Thus, even if you offer a slightly higher price tag, they won’t be transferring their loyalty.

How much you earn in this method would surely depend on how much it costs you to cook the food and how much you can sell it but having regular customers is still a good goal, so don’t worry if you can’t earn a lot of profit in the first few months you use this method.

Use this food costing template by Ready to be Rich to calculate how much to charge customers per serving.

Quality of Service Offered

Service is very important because no matter how delicious your food is or how beautiful your carinderia looks, customers are turned off by bad service. As much as possible, do not quarrel with customers (unless they are behaving badly, of course) and train your staff to be patient.

More often than not, you can survive a few rude words from a bad customer but a big quarrel can ruin the reputation of your store, especially if it reaches social media!

Remember that word-of-mouth (and great reviews on social media) is still one of the best ways to advertise small businesses like a carinderia. So, it is best for you to treat your customers like a queen or king so they will feel important and come back to your carinderia on a regular basis.

How much can you earn from that? Well, the more customers (especially regular ones) you have, the more you earn!

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