Guide to Starting a Milk Tea Business in the Philippines

Milk tea, specifically bubble tea, has become a popular beverage for Filipino consumers over the past years. Its popularity has given rise to hundreds of milk tea stalls and stores and has made major restaurant chains include it in its menu. Clearly, the demand for milk tea in the country is steadily rising with smaller stores selling around 300 drinks a day.

In order to have a complete running milk tea business, you need to procure the right ingredients for your selection of milk tea products.  Basic ingredients include tapioca pearls, syrup or powder flavorings, tea powders and leaves, milk, sugar, creamers, artificial sweeteners, ice and water. Keep in mind that milk tea shops are expected to offer a diverse menu so don’t limit your product offerings.

Aside from ingredients, you also need to purchase basic bubble tea equipment such as the sealing machine.

Starting a Milk Tea Business

If you’re planning to set up your own milk tea store, here are a few tips:

1. Set yourself apart from your competitors by being original.

You need to remind yourself that milk tea business is quite popular in the country and this means you have tons of competitors in the market. Your main challenge is to make your business stand out from other milk tea shops. Be original and make sure to have unique and distinct concept and recipes.

2. Study your market.

A milk tea business in a certain location has an entirely different market from another location. Before taking the plunge, understand your market and know what they want. Younger consumers have different preference from older consumers. The same thing goes for male and female consumers as well as students and working consumers.

3. Select the best milk tea recipe for your target market.

After carefully studying your target market, determine the best milk tea recipes for them. Offer wide arrays of choices for your milk tea products but make sure to include the preferences of your target market. You may also want to include product offerings from health-conscious consumers.

4. Love your employees.

The success of a milk tea business not only depends on the products you offer. It is also highly influenced by the service your employees give. Motivate your employees to give their 100% by showing genuine concern for them and their needs.

5. Market, market, market.

Take advantage of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make your milk tea shop known to the public. Invite social media influencers, bloggers and possibly celebrities to try your products for free. Your shop will most likely get good publicity on social media if your products are good enough.

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