Home-Based Food Business Idea: Recipe for Sago’t Gulaman

Summer is fast approaching and now is the perfect time for you to seize the opportunity to sell drinks that will quench the thirst of Filipino consumers.

Sago’t gulaman is a popular local Filipino beverage made of gelatin, tapioca pearls, brown sugar and water. Sold almost everywhere in the country from karinderya to restaurants, this beverage is more popularly known as palamig which means refreshment in English. Usually placed in large plastic or glass jars, this concoction is served in generous amounts of ice.


This beverage is best paired with other Pinoy meriendas such as fishball, bananacue, siomai and pancit.

Since its ingredients are very affordable and it’s very easy to prepare, setting up a sago’t gulaman home-based business is a no-brainer. You just need to follow a simple and easy recipe.

Here’s an easy recipe from Entrepeneur.com.ph.

You will be needing the following ingredients:

  • 2 cups of brown sugar
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2  cup of sago pearls
  • 7 cups of water for sago
  • 3 bars of agar-agar or gelatin
  • 4 cups of water for gulaman

Cooking Procedures:

  1. To cook the sago pearls, boil water then add sago pearls. Stir well in order to prevent sticking. Cook for about 10 minutes.
  2. After cooking, drain the sago pearls then rinse with cool water and set aside.
  3. Slice the agar-agar into medium-sized pieces.
  4. Boil water in a saucepan then soak the sliced agar-agar pieces until it melts.
  5. Add sugar then stir until it is completely dissolved.
  6. Transfer the disolved agar-agar into a flat container. Let it cool and set aside.
  7. Cut the gelatin into small-sized pieces once it hardens.
  8. Caramelize sugar to make a syrup in a separate saucepan. Add vanilla extract and let it cool.
  9. Put the sago, gulaman and syrup in a glass. Add ice-cold water and serve.
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