Housewife Starts The First And Only Mobile Salon In The Philippines – And It’s Now Open For Franchising

Beauty will always be a big factor for everybody. Filipinas are keen on looking good and are even investing a part of their monthly earnings just have a beauty treatment every now and then.

For some, they treat these beauty-relaxation sessions as a reward for themselves as they are usually working hard all week.

Sometimes, though, some people are not in the mood to go out of their comfort zone during weekends, they want to stay near their houses and not go anywhere far just to relax.

This is what Veronica Resurreccion, a former housewife, tried to solve when she came up with Extraorinail’s Luxury on Wheels.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Entrepreneur PH

She told Entrepreneur PH that because the horrendous traffic makes the people stay at home, so she thought of a way to bring her extraordinary service to her clients.

Opened in June 2017, Extraordinail’s Luxury on Wheels is still the first and only mobile salon in the Philippines.

Their main target is the people who have no time to visit the nail salon or those who do not want to go out of their comfort zone. They also accept reservations for spa parties and beauty sessions.

When asked what her inspiration was in starting the mobile business, she recounted how she once had her nails service done at her home but it turned out to be a nightmare. After the session, she realized her wedding ring is missing. When she asked to have it back, she was presented with a pawnshop receipt.

This is why the security of her clients in her Luxury On Wheels is very important. The bus is installed with CCTV cameras.

“We are after your security as well that’s why we came up with this concept. At least we just park outside your house, you come out, we do your nails and you can go back to your place.”

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PHOTO CREDIT: Entrepreneur PH

The mobile nail salon offers everything from basic nail cleaning to nails arts and pampering services. The bus is equipped with plush reclining chairs, high-definition TV, Wi-Fi access and a high-quality sound system.

The salon also offers unique services per client.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Entrepreneur PH

“I don’t want you to go to a party with the same nails as other celebrities or guests. I want you to look different. That’s why we don’t have any swatches. Once you come in, you give us the colors and my nail specialists would help them to build on that design to come up with something that is their own. We consult and confer until the client is happy with the choice of design.”

Since she launched the bus, the client reservation is already stretched up until mid-2018. Resurreccion also said that the bus is open for franchising for her loyal clients who are particularly living in fast-growing provinces like Laguna, Pampanga, and Cebu. The packages start at P5.2 million.

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