How To Save Without Depriving Yourself

We all know that saving even just a small amount every day will help us in the future. It’s easy to say “I’ll save.” But in reality, it is harder to do.

Some people try very hard to save, but the result is that they feel deprived and sad because of the expense cutting that they are doing. Some end up, splurging their savings when they feel deprived.

Tight Wallet

When you start saving, it is important to understand that depriving yourself will only make it harder. Here are some ways that you can save without feeling deprived.

Don’t skip meals

Some people tend to skip meals in order to save some cash. We all know that, obviously, this is not good for your health. Aside from that, you are also starving yourself, without even knowing it, you’ll crave for food and you’ll involuntarily eat more for your next meal, ultimately making you spend more.

You can try buying food from the grocery every week and just pack your lunch.

Don’t sacrifice the things that make you happy

If you love coffee, don’t totally let it go just because you are trying to save. You can look for ways to downgrade from one Starbucks coffee a day, to ground coffee or even 3-in-1 sachets.

Bring your coffee maker in the office and enjoy brewed coffee just the way you want it without spending half as much.

Don’t skip opportunities to have fun

A sign that your saving methods are extreme and that you are depriving yourself is when you pass on the opportunity to go out with your friends, thinking that you’ll have to spend a fortune.

You can go out once in a while, just watch your budget. Or, you can invite your friends over at home so you can enjoy and not spend as much.

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