Philhealth vs. Private Health Insurance

It has already been established that after completing your emergency fund, the best path is to establish your health insurance. In the Philippines, there are common myths about health insurance that prevent some people in availing them.

One of these myths is that it is more expensive if you avail it than not having it all. To be honest, what makes it more expensive is that we don’t know how to understand the plans we are getting.

Chess Pieces

Here are the differences of Philhealth and private health insurance providers. Understanding this will enable you to save more and get the most that you deserve.


Philhealth is government required, you’ll automatically have one once you start working, but you can also avail as a self-employed individual. Life Insurance company like Philam Life, PruLife, Sunlife and Manulife provide health insurances.

Age coverage

Philhealth for people over 60 is free and there is no need to renew, while life insurance companies offer their insurance for 16-75 years old.

Premium cost

Philhealth increases their premiums when the government increases their premium brackets, while health insurance premium is fixed depending on what age you got the insurance.

How to avail the service

For Philhealth, the discount will be deducted from the hospital bill. Insurance companies need you to pay the bills first and then reimburse it from them.

Daily hospitalization

Philhealth will cover but is usually case dependent. Pneumonia patients, for example, have to have been confined for over 4 days before Philhealth will cover some of the expenses. Health insurance has daily hospital income benefit depending on the plan you choose.

Critical illness coverage

Health insurance will provide lump sum amount if the policyholder falls ill with a critical or dreaded disease like heart attack, stroke, cancer. Philhealth gives benefits to some critical illnesses that are in their Z Benefits list.

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