Socialite Small Laude Says Jewelry Is A Wise Investment

Socialite Small Laude has captivated the fascination of many Filipinos for being among the “crazy rich titas” of the Philippines. Known for her impeccable taste, witty remarks, and down-to-earth personality, many couldn’t help but be amazed how this “rich tita” could be relatable.

Socialite Small Laude Says Jewelry Is A Wise Investment
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And if you’re into wise investments and love jewelry, you have more reasons to relate with Tita Small. She has earlier revealed how owning good jewelry is a wise form of investment.

Tita Small has recently been launched as the newest ambassador of fine jewelry brand, Diagold. She now joins other big name ambassadors like Pia Wurtzbach, and others.

According to Tita Small, high-quality jewelry can be excellent investment pieces, especially if they look so good to wear and even sell. In an article on Philstar she says, “You buy good pieces, it’s an investment. You know, when times are hard, you can resell them. If it’s a nice piece, you won’t have a hard time selling them.”

In an article on Pep, Tita Small recalled that her love for jewelry and looking at them as wise investments came from her mother, Elisa Eduardo. She said that while growing up, she learned how to look at the quality and value of a good jewelry piece.

She explained, “I should get nice pieces, invest on nice jewelry, and it should not be like yung mga basta lang you like. You have to see the quality.”

Tita Small gave advice at choosing good-quality jewelry pieces to buy. She said, “When you purchase your first jewelry, with diamonds, it does not have to be big. The color should be like white, even small. Clean, of course. No molds. It should be clean and white, even if it’s a small piece. It should not be big and yellowish. It should be clear, clean and the color should be white.”

There are several reasons why jewelry is a good investment option. Like real estate, its value grows over time. It can also be passed on from one generation to another, while still being valuable. It can also be a “lifesaver” to those who are struggling financially and need quick cash.

There have been several success stories of owning jewelry as investment or as a business. For instance, an mompreneur was able to build 2 houses thanks to her gold jewelry business. So, if you’re thinking if your jewelry is worth it, Tita Small gives her thumbs up!

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