Sweet and Colorful Business Idea: Cotton Candy & Cotton Candy Burrito

Cotton candy is a sweet treat that you can often see being sold in the streets. It’s a popular food for kids. If it’s popular, then it can be surely become a good business idea, right?

That’s what Jenifer Sombilon thought when she and the family started their business. They started with a capital of Php500.

From Reseller to Cotton Candy Maker

They only had a small capital, so Sombilon started their business as a reseller. She didn’t disclose her source but they began selling this sweet treat from that person, before investing more money into their business by buying the equipment and materials needed to create their own.

Fluffy Cotton Candy by Teejhei’s was born.

Cotton candy
Photo credit: Pera Peraan
Photo credit: Pera Peraan

Investing in their own equipment proved to be a wise idea. They were able to earn more from the business compared to the days when they were just reselling someone else’s products.

According to Sombilon, they are now earning around Php1,500 to Php2,500 per day – but that’s on regular days.

During peak season or on days when they’re hired for an occasion, they earn up to Php3,000.

Photo credit: Pera Peraan
Photo credit: Pera Peraan

Take note that these earnings are just for the cotton candies they sell in plastic containers, excluding online orders and party rentals.

The innovative business partners used trendy concepts to upgrade their products. For example, they’re selling this sweet treat in a cup, just like the popular milk tea. It isn’t liquid, of course, but it became popular among their customers.

They also created the cotton candy burrito – and it’s a crowd favorite, too! Considering that this ‘burrito’ is actually made using this sweet treat as base, plus ice cream and some sprinkles, we aren’t surprised it’s becoming a popular treat.

How to Make Cotton Candy Burrito

Photo credit: Pera Peraan


  • Cotton candy
  • Ice cream
  • Sprinkles

Preparation instructions:

  1. Flatten the cotton candy.
  2. Add ice cream in the middle.
  3. Add sprinkles.
  4. Roll into a burrito and serve.
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