Types Of Health Insurance Available In The Philippines

Insurance in the Philippines is becoming a necessity. When looking for a health insurance plan for you and/or your family it’s not enough that you just look at the price and which ones are popular with your friends and relatives.

It is a good idea to look at a few factors before deciding which one you will avail. Regarding health insurance, you may want to look at the categories and the breakdown where your money will go.

Health Insurance

Aside from that, you have to know what type of insurance is perfect for you.


This is the national health insurance program, when you get a job, you will automatically become a member, where your employer will pay a part of your contribution. There are 3 membership types that you can avail here, the employed membership, individually paying membership and lifetime membership.

Private Health Insurance

This will insure you from hospitalization and critical illnesses, private or public health insurance usually serves as a supplement to your HMO coverage.

Health Discount Cards

Those that can’t afford HMO plans or private health insurance plans, usually avail discount cards to ease the burden of hospitalization. This usually comes in 1-year insurance for P3,500-P5,000.

International Health Insurance

This type of insurance is for individuals, groups, or families that are intending to be insured while they go out of the country. This usually protects a member for a few months for up to one year. There are two options, worldwide and worldwide without U.S. coverage. U.S. coverage is more expensive because of the medical expenses in the U.S.

Expatriate Health Insurance

The opposite of the previous plan is for citizens of other countries that decide to live here in the Philippines. They can avail expat health insurance so they can also be insured even if they are not a Filipino citizen.

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