Viral Saving Couple Who Came From Poor Families Builds Their Millions By Making Tambiolos

Sandy and Abby both came from a poor family in the Philippines. When they began taking their relationship seriously, they started working very hard to improve their lives and help their respective families until Sandy lost her job.

When they were younger, Abby helped his parents by selling food while Sandy took a job as a housemaid to help her family with their daily expenses. They met while they were studying in school as both were working students. Because their stories are similar, they found comfort and a partner in each other.

Tambiolo 1

Better opportunities came along the way for the couple and eventually, Sandy got accepted in an events agency. She was tasked to look for a tambiolo for their company’s raffle activity. She asked for the help of Abby’s father who knew someone who supplies tambiolos. Shortly after the task, Sandy got into a disagreement with her boss and again, she lost her job.

She hid this from Abby by dressing up every morning to “go to work” but in fact, she went to drive a pedicab.

When their savings were exhausted, Sandy thought about selling the tambiolo to an online advertising company. Much to her surprise, a lot of companies were looking for tambiolos, too, which got her to the business of reselling.

Her circumstance was turned into a business opportunity which they took as a challenge because they had no experience.

Tambiolo 3

In 2015, they built their own tambiolo factory, materials and own shop. One day, they got the biggest break in their business career.

Because of their hard work and perseverance, they were able to buy two units of house and lot, one condo unit, and two cars. Today, their business is bigger than ever.

Their hard work has finally paid off and now, they are teaching their children how to work hard and save for their future.

Tambiolo 4

Just last month, they went viral for being able to save P473,750.00 in a money container that they made themselves.

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