3 Common Problems Carinderia Owners Face And How To Solve Them

Managing a carindera or eatery is not an easy task. While many say venturing into the food business is a sure hit because it’s a basic human need, there’s so much to consider to ensure its success.

3 Common Problems Carinderia Owners Face And How To Solve Them
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The road to success as a carinderia owner is not without its ups and downs. While you’ll enjoy several milestones and accomplishments, you’ll also face numerous obstacles.

Here, we listed some of the common challenges and problems of many carinderia owners. We also suggested some solutions you can consider in resolving them.

1. Menu

As a food business, your number one goal is to provide delicious foods that will make your customers keep coming back. What should you serve? How many dishes should you prepare?

Preparing a good menu is a balancing. If you’re still a start-up carinderia, it’s best to keep your menu short but of the best quality. Since you’re still building a name, your customers must first be convinced that your foods are delicious and worthy of a comeback.

Experiment with a few of your best dishes and serve them with good customer service. Offer affordable dishes and a bit of “premium dishes” at a higher price.

2. Food Security

Since you are into the food business, it’s essential to ensure that the foods are clean and safe to eat. Many carinderia owners “recycle” leftover foods. While this may be a good idea, sometimes it can put your customers at risk, especially if you don’t oversee the cooking process. Instead of recycling, you can offer leftover foods at a discounted price at the end of the day.

It’s also good to train your staff on proper health and basic hygiene practices, especially regarding food handling. Investing in a restaurant and kitchen cleaning service once in a while can go a long way in establishing your eatery’s food security reputation.

Continually update your Sanitary Permits and Health Cards to prove that your business complies with the specific requirements.

3 Common Problems Carinderia Owners Face And How To Solve Them
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3. Management Of Daily Profit

Be very hands-on when it comes to managing your carinderia’s daily sales. Many carinderias are not automated, which can easily be prone to fraud or mistakes. Many carinderia owners who were used to having a cashier and began handling their daily sales could attest that their income grew when they were hands-on.

If you really can’t be in your carinderia all day, at least be there during peak hours. You can also assign a trusted and reliable family member to handle your daily profit.

There you have it! There are still many challenges you will face as you manage your carinderia business, but we hope you find this list useful. You can start a carinderia business even with a small capital or start venturing into opening a canteen.

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