3 Product-Building Tips for Millennials

Everyone has something to say about millennials. They can be quite a handful. Millennials are driven, passionate, idealistic, and some would say ‘entitled.’ Millennials have a lot to say to just about everything, and it would not be a surprise if they have thought of one product that could solve all the problems in the world.

Well, it is not impossible if one of them would be able to create that wonder product and to help steer these fierce future CEOs, here are three tips.

Do not overthink.

millennials product building

As we try to find a solution to a problem, we always try to go towards the unexplored direction. We try to be mavericks. While this is not exactly a bad thing, going for the most unique, never-before-seen or never-before-heard idea will only do more harm than good. It could be disappointing once you found out that you were never really the first person to come up with such an idea. Instead, why don’t you try revisiting the existing systems and methods and try to see where the weak points are. You might not be a groundbreaker, but you can be a troubleshooter.

It wouldn’t hurt to admit if you failed.

millennials product building

Life is continuously a trial-and-error, and the best thing to do after failure is to look back where it went wrong and move forward. You can improve or enhance your product more, or you can try other things. Either way, the most important thing is not to dwell on your past but, instead, learn from it and emerge as a better version of you.

Establish a concrete way on how you will measure if you are succeeding with your goals or not.

millennials product building


It would greatly help if you have a set of metrics to track and tell you if you are heading towards the right direction or you are steering away from. As early as possible, create your key performance indicator to guide you.

These things are simple but will make a difference, if observed. Do consider these things and you’ll never go wrong.

Thank us later, and you’re welcome.