4 Tips for Starting An Events Planning Business

If you enjoy organizing events and throwing parties, then having an event planning business can be a terrific idea.

This is a business you can actually run from home if you are just starting out. These days, having an active Facebook page alone can be instrumental in reaching numerous customers. If you post interesting stuff on social media, people will take notice and they will surely get in touch with you.

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#1. Taking Advantage of Technology

As you start out, you need at least three things – a laptop, good internet connection, and a smartphone. With these 3 things, you can build your brand and establish an online reputation. This is a comparatively less expensive than renting an office space, although that’s something you can consider later as your business grows.

#2. Marketing Your Business

Primarily, your services will be needed for different celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries, parties), conferences and seminars, promotions (book or merchandise launches), and even civic events. Thus, you should show competence in each of these areas as to attract potential clients.

#3. Quick Customer Response

In this kind of industry, remember that you are directly dealing with people so it’s important that you provide quick response to inquiries. Be kind and courteous as you reply to messages. Keep in mind that people will only hire you if they feel good about you.

#4. Be Unique, Creative And Resourceful

Being unique and creative will be instrumental in helping you find the right customers – and in lasting in the industry. If you are innovative in different ways such as stage decoration, flower arrangement, and even in hosting.

Of course, being resourceful is also valuable. While you can often outsource, you should ensure that you are working with the best people. Your MCs, for example, should know the difference in hosting a birthday party from a formal conference. Your graphic artists and stage designers should likewise be flexible. Find the right suppliers in your area so you can make sure that you get the best products.

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