How Ivana Alawi’s Insecurities Motivated Her To Launch Her Skincare Brand, Ivana Skin

It took Ivana Alawi two years to come up with her own skincare brand, Ivana Skin. However, the inspiration behind Ivana Skin was years of trying various products to conceal and find solutions to her skin and body insecurities.

How Ivana Alawi's Insecurities Motivated Her To Launch Her Skincare Brand, Ivana Skin
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Ivana always looks flawless and beautiful, on and off camera. But before she landed on billboards, magazine covers, and more, she was once a girl who suffered from insecurities. She explained on Ivana Skin’s website, “The reason I came up with this skincare is that growing up, I used to be so insecure about my own skin.”

Because of her insecurities, she developed a passion for skincare and began taking better care of herself more. Ivana recalled this in a vlog on her YouTube channel. “Noong bata ako, hiyang hiya ako sa skin ko. Hindi ako makapag-sleeveless tapos nahihiya talaga ako. Wala akong confidence sa sarili ko and natuto akong alagaan ‘yung sarili ko,” she said.

[When I was young, I was always ashamed of my skin and refused to wear sleeveless. I didn’t have any self-confidence until I started to take care of myself better.]

“Pati itlog nilalagay ko sa mukha ko noong bata ko so it’s a love from [within]. Ever since, mahal ko talaga ang skincare,” she added. [I even put eggs on my face when I was younger. I’ve always loved skincare ever since.]

Soon enough, Ivana was able to overcome her struggles and started becoming more comfortable in her own skin. It was a long process of trying to find the right products that worked. She said, “I tried everything from drugstore brands to Korean brands to luxury high-end brands and everything in between.”

When she launched Ivana Skin early in 2022, she sought the help of experts to help turn her dream into reality. Ivan herself chose her favorite ingredients and tried the products to ensure they worked well. As a business owner, Ivana was very hands-on and involved in every process. She chose the brand’s color scheme, logo, packaging, etc. She said, “Every single thing na nakikita niyo ay nandun ako.” [You can see me in every single part of the brand.]

The celebrity shared that starting a skincare business is really challenging. Although it took some time, she was very happy with the outcome. According to her, Ivana Skin is more than a skincare brand; it’s a way to help women become more confident, feel empowered, and learn to love their own skin.

Like Ivana, Vice Ganda’s business, Vice Cosmetics, was also inspired by a childhood memory. A skincare business can really be a lucrative business venture. Another inspiring story is that of TikToker Rosmar Tan, who is now a skincare brand owner who earns millions.

To know more about how Ivana built her business, you can check out her vlog via her Youtube channel:

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