9 Best Sports & Fitness Products To Sell Online In The Philippines

Did you know that Pinoys love sports and fitness products as much as they love food? Yes! In fact, many sports and fitness products continue to be trending items all year round in the Philippines. This list will be useful to you if you’re looking for products to sell in your online store.

9 Best Sports & Fitness Products To Sell Online In The Philippines
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These are some of the 9 best sports and fitness products based on Google Trends, and other e-commerce platforms like AliExpress, Shopify, and Oberlo. So, let’s get started!

1. Sports Bra

A sports bra is a must-have for anyone involved in fitness, whether they are beginners or fitness buffs. Plus, it’s not just a one-time purchase since buyers tend to buy multiple sports bras.

2. Sports Watch

Wearable fitness technology is also a top product in e-commerce. Leading brands such as Fitbit, Garmin, and Apple dominate the sports watch category. If you’re an online seller with a big budget, you can try to look into reselling such items or sell accessories such as straps or bands.

3. Dumbbells

Dumbbells rose in popularity as a fitness item, particularly during the lockdown when people started to become more interested in home workouts. These are among the products that are consistently peaking throughout the year, according to Google Trends.

4. Yoga mats

Yoga mats have grown in popularity as more people have developed an interest in “flexercise,” or low-impact exercises that involve stretching, like yoga. If you find the right seller, you can purchase yoga mats for a really low price, making them a great item to sell.

5. Water bottles

Water bottles are making a comeback as more people are switching to sustainable options. Due to the vast array of options available, this is an excellent item to sell. Like yoga mats, there are also many suppliers that offer a relatively low price for water bottles.

6. Running pouches

These fashionable and handy pouches are becoming a necessity for many fitness buffs. When you’re running, a running pouch holds small items like your cash or keys. You can never go wrong by selecting the best designs and stocking them in your shop.

7. Posture corrector

A posture corrector is one of those items that one realizes they need when they see them. It’s a product whose sales are consistently steady even though they don’t always peak. Just post a picture of a posture corrector, and a customer will undoubtedly look them up.

8. Compression socks

Compression socks are great fitness items because they promote better blood circulation during workouts or sports. They are also relatively cheap to source and are perfect items for upsells.

9. Shoes

Shoes have always been a top trending product to sell online in the Philippines. Based on Google Trends, sports and men’s shoes are particularly high during December and the holiday season.

There you have it! These are just some of the many options you can consider adding to your online store. Be sure to keep an eye out for new products and trends.

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