Brilliant Skin’s Miss Glenda Shares How She Juggles Being A Mother And Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is already a difficult task. When you add in the responsibilities and roles that come with being a mother, you’re in for a challenge. That’s why it’s so impressive when moms can run successful businesses while also raising children and taking care of their household. Like many mompreneurs, Glenda Dela Cruz Victorio, the owner and CEO of the successful cosmetic and beauty brand, Brilliant Skin, also admits that juggling business and motherhood is no easy task.

Brilliant Skin’s Miss Glenda Shares How She Juggles Being A Mother And Entrepreneur
Image by Miss Glenda via Facebook

To celebrate Mother’s Day, Miss Glenda shared her tribute to all hardworking moms, like her. She also shared what motivates her to persevere and work hard. She wrote on Facebook, “Not a perfect family, pero alam ng mga anak ko kung gaano ko sila kamahal.” [But my children know how much I love them.]

She went to share some of the challenges that come with being a CEO and a mother. But she said that she works hard to manage both for the sake of her children. She wrote, “Mahirap pagsabayin ang pagiging CEO at pagiging INA, pero lahat ng ‘yon kailangan kong gawin para sa kanila. Tao lang din ako, hindi perpekto. Hindi ko masasabing perfect akong magulang sa mga anak ko.” [It’s difficult to manage being a CEO and a mother, but I’m willing to face all the hardships for my children. I’m only human, not perfect. I can’t say I’m a perfect parent to my children.]

Miss Glenda then went on to honor and pay tribute to all mothers like her who face different challenges in life. She motivated them by saying that someday we could all overcome them.

She wrote, “Kaya proud ako sa mga nanay na katulad ko na kahit anong pagsubok sa buhay ay nalalagpasan natin. Kailangan natin maging huwarang ina sa maraming tao, ipakita natin na matatag tayo!” [That’s why I’m so proud of mothers like me who never fail to overcome hardships in life. We need to show that we are strong and exemplary mothers.]

Miss Glenda added that she and other mompreneurs hope to show other mothers who want a better life for their children that it is possible. “Maging inspirasyon tayo sa lahat ng inang nangangarap ng magandang buhay para sa kanilang pamilya,” she said. [Let us be an inspiration to all that mothers who are dreaming of a better life for their family.]

Finally, she thanked all of her employees and other mothers who helped her business succeed and overcome obstacles. She said that with all the challenges she has overcome, she knows she is tough. Indeed, Miss Glenda’s life story of being a vendor to successful CEO has inspired many to dream big and work hard.

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