Business Advice from Neri Naig

Neri Naig is more than just Chito Miranda’s wife. She is also an actress and a prolific businesswoman who inspired a lot of people with her many business ventures, including having an ukay-ukay shop and gourmet tuyo stand.

While many would say that she became successful because she’s famous and has a lot of money to start her business, Neri begs to differ. After all, not everyone succeeds in business, even if they are famous people.

So, if you are planning to start a business, have no fear. Learn from Neri’s business advice to budding entrepreneurs.

Don’t Be Afraid

A lot of people are unable to start a business out of fear that they might fail. Considering the money, time, and efforts you put in for a business, this is understandable. But for Neri, fear is the major reason for defeat. If you can’t conquer that fear, then there is no chance you can win and be successful in business.

Neri Naig
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It is true that there are lots of reasons for a business to fail. But for Neri, being brave enough to start a business is a good thing. If you fail, at least you tried. But also make sure you learned a lesson from that failure.

Hindi ako takot. Nag-start ako sa walang-wala talaga. Kaya ano pa ba ang kakatakutan ko nung nagsisimula ako sa negosyo? Laki ako sa hirap, nangangarap ng malaki pero alam kong hindi imposibleng makamit,” Neri explained.

Fear ang unang tatalo sa atin. Kapag walang execution, hanggang pangarap lang ‘yan. Sayang naman kung ‘di mo susubukan. Magtiwala ka sa sarili mo na kaya mo. Importante ‘yan. Kahit ano pa ang sabihin ng iba na ‘di ka magiging successful, na babagsak ka lang, push yourself more. Patunayan mo sa sarili mo na kaya mo. Wala kang kailangang patunayan sa kanila. Sa sarili mo lang.

Take the First Step

Neri has a roster of businesses, including Neri’s Bakeshop, Neri’s Cottage, Neri’s Not-So-Secret Garden, StatioNeri, Team Wais Real Estate, Neri’s Café, and so many others. She even launched her own clothing line, Very Neri, in 2020.

Neri Naig
Photo credit: Neri Miranda / Facebook

Aside from being fearless, Neri’s top secret for her success in business is that when she has an idea, she takes the first step to make it happen.

Improve Yourself, Learn More

So, you’ve finally taken the step to opening that dream business and found success? Congratulations! But for Neri, that’s not the finish line. Despite having so many businesses, she doesn’t stop learning and trying to improve herself.

Neri Naig
Photo credit: Neri Miranda / Facebook

In 2020, Neri already owns over a dozen successful businesses yet she enrolled herself at Harvard University’s online courses, choosing to take “Entrepreneurship Essentials” to improve herself.

Everyday dapat naghahanap tayo ng mga paraan para matutopa. Mag-invest ka sa sarili mo. Tandaan, hindi pa huli ang lahat. Kahit anong edad mo pa,” she advised.

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