Businessman Who Went Bankrupt Tried Again With P500 And Became A Millionaire

They always say that venturing into business is a huge risk. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. For a businessman named Alvin Vince Sahagun, his story was a rollercoaster ride of unexpected events. In the end, he succeeded and became a millionaire.

Vince businessman
Screengrab: Rated Korina via Facebook

While starting a business is no easy task, managing it and keeping it alive is even harder. Vince was disheartened as he saw how his printing press business was going down. Because of the entry of foreign competitors, he was losing sales and customers. Until one day, he realized he was already bankrupt and full of debts.

It was a difficult time for the businessman as his printing press was his family’s source of livelihood. Vince had to hide from friends and neighbors whom he loaned money from. After losing his business, Vince didn’t know how and where to start again. He started losing himself.

“Nawalan ako ng karangalan ng time na yun. Minsan di na ako umuuwi ng bahay para magtago. Minsan ko na rin naisipan na mawala na lang sa mundo,” Vince shared on ABS-CBN’s Rated Korina.

Feeling desperate, Vince went to a chapel to pray. He asked God for an angel to help him. According to Vince, what happened next changed his life. He fell asleep and when he woke up, he saw a P500 bill in his hand.

With the P500, Vince took a chance at an online business. He became a reseller of health supplements and products. Soon, he started gaining more customers and resellers until he was finally a successful businessman again.

vince businessman
Screengrab: Rated Korina via Facebook

Because of his success story, Vince started teaching and inspiring others. Before offering job opportunities, he teaches them first how to manage their finances. Now that things are doing well for him, Vince said he is on a mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs.

He said that he wants to inspire other people to have a better mindset when it comes to business. Vince lives by his three principles which he calls “KKK – Kasanayan, Kabuhayan, Kaunlaran.”

He shared, “Ang kwento ko ay nagsimula sa limaang daan. At naniniwala ako na hindi pera ang nagpapayaman sa tao. Kung ano ang gagawin mo sa pera ang magpapabago sa buhay mo.”

Vince’s story is a reminder to us that sometimes in business, it’s not always about how much capital you have. Most of the time, the keys to business success are grit and determination.

Sally Mae

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