Encouraging Business Lessons from Yexel Sebastian

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born in a rich family and surely inheriting their parents’ fortune in the future. Many start small and grow their business to become successful. Self-made businessman Yexel Sebastian shares some encouraging business lessons that he has learned over the years in hopes that he can inspire downtrodden people to start a business of their own.

He also shared some inspiring thoughts on how you can support friends or family members who are starting their own business.

Tips on Supporting Budding Entrepreneurs

Show your Support

Support your friends in their business because this will boost their self-esteem and helps them feel encouraged to continue despite the challenges they are facing. Especially now that times are hard, Yexel believes that giving encouragement even to small business owners will be a huge boost to their morale.

If you don’t have money, like their page and share it on your social media account. It would even be nice if you tag your friends and encourage them to buy or help in the same way you did.

business tips Yexel Sebastian
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Don’t Ask for Anything in Return

While it is tempting to ask for a big discount or even freebies from them, don’t do that just yet. Support without asking for anything in return or else the business just might fail because everyone they know ask for these perks.

Business Lessons from Yexel Sebastian

If you are planning to start your own business but keep getting discouraged by your family or friends because they think your plans are bound to fail, then think about these business lessons:

Start Small, Dream Big

Take things one step at a time. But the journey starts with a single step so take that first step to ignite your passion and you’ll soon realize you are finding success in your business goals.

business tips Yexel Sebastian
Photo credit: Yexel Sebastian / YouTube

Yexel recalled how he dreamed of his business, Yexel’s Toy Museum, but nobody believed in him. He pursued this and would later open three more branches! For that, he earned the reputation of being the first Filipino toy collector to own four toy museums in the Philippines.

Don’t Be Ashamed of Doing Business

Some people might think that it’s not a good thing to start small because others just might laugh at them. Yet for Yexel, it does not matter even if you’re simply selling one thing. Continue doing it. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, as long as you’re doing the right thing.

Be Patient Even with a Stubborn, Pesky Customer

This will help you practice how to be more patient and how to deal with people. This will also help you understand how other people think.

Always Be Humble

No matter how successful you might later become in the future, stay humble and always express gratitude to your customers.

Encouraging Business Lessons from Yexel Sebastian
Photo credit: Yexel Sebastian / YouTube

Rest but Don’t Give Up

Things don’t always go as planned but never give up. Yexel said, “It’s not a bad life. It’s just a bad day.” You will only lose if you give up and stop dreaming. Change your attitude in how you view your challenges and things will soon go your way.

Always Keep God at the Center

Everything will be alright if you have God by your side.

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